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Conjunto Impacto

Conjunto Impacto

Conjunto Impacto was formed in 1976 in Miami Florida playing traditional Cuban music. The bands success lasted a decade of performances and international travel and recorded eight albums.

Conjunto Impacto was under the musical direction of bassist Mario Perez and through the years the band was fortunate to have some of the most talented local vocalists. “Conjunto Impacto” was also the preferred backup band of the most popular Salsa singers which came to perform in Miami at that time to name a few, Celia Cruz, Ismael Miranda, Hector Lavoe, Cheo Feliciano and many more.

On February 25, 2011 “Conjunto Impacto” reunited after 26 years In 2012 the band headed back to the recording studios to provide the public with its unique style and sound. This album titled “El Regreso” is a unique blend of different rhythms of Cuban music and was released in March 2013.

Conjunto Impacto it’s Director and members do not cease to create great music. In May 2015 a new album titled “Echale Agua” was released. This album contains a compilation of Cuban & tropical rhythms, the masterful syncopation and tumbaos found in this album are evident of the Afro Cuban sounds.

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